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Sen. Richard Burr on James Comey Testimony … It'll Be Greatest Show on Earth

Posted June 8, 2017 under Politics

Sen. Richard Burr

Intel Cmte Chair Knows

Comey Will Be Greatest Show on Earth

6/7/2017 9:37 PM PDT


Sen. Richard Burr is all set to grill James Comey, and he’s keenly aware the testimony before his Senate committee could be the biggest national viewing party since the Super Bowl.

We got the Intel Committee chairman as he was leaving his office on the eve of his big day in the spotlight. Burr assured us his head will hit a pillow early, but he’ll be back at work early too — ready for the highly anticipated hearing.

Just to get him warmed up … we put Burr on the hot seat, and asked if he thought senators who aren’t on his committee — not to mention everyone in the House — will get any work done Thursday?

With supreme confidence, Burr said … “Oh, I think there’s gonna be a big national and international viewership of this.”

Man knows of what he speaks. We’ll be live streaming when Comey starts testifying.

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