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Judge Judy's Son Adam Levy Scores Huge Victory Over Sheriff in Defamation Lawsuit

Posted June 13, 2017 under Celebrity Justice

Judge Judy’s Son

Former D.A. Adam Levy Wins $150k

And Apology in Defamation Case

6/13/2017 3:43 PM PDT

Judge Judy‘s son ended a 4 year long ordeal to clear his name in a defamation lawsuit against Putnam County’s Sheriff.

Adam Levy, the former D.A. in Putnam County, NY, reached a settlement with Sheriff Don Smith that requires Smith to fork over $150k, and issue a full retraction for statements he made back in 2013.

Smith was investigating Alexandru Hossu for an alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl … and accused then D.A. Levy of harboring Hossu, an illegal immigrant. He also insinuated that Levy used his power as D.A. to interfere with the investigation.

Smith had to issue a written apology in which he admits his statements were untrue — “Mr. Hossu did not then reside at your home. He was arrested at another location where he then lived. I know that you did not interfere with the investigation of Mr. Hossu. Nor is there any evidence that you had any knowledge of Mr. Hossu’s immigration status or were intentionally harboring an illegal alien.”

Levy has said Smith went after him purely to push a political agenda.

No offense to Adam, but we think Judge Judy might have put it better — “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining!”

BTW … Hossu, who was acquitted of the alleged rape, has since filed a $45 million lawsuit against Putnam County … and that case is ongoing.

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